Restaurant Rugged has had its website put up by Bureau Feith. Bureau Feith is an online agency from Amsterdam that focuses on responsive webdesign based on the latest trends and technologies. In fact, office Feith believes that websites should be clearly visible on all devices. This will benefit the user-friendliness, something that consumers of this time attach great value to. With each new website, an appropriate design is made at the company, of course within the corporate identity. If there is no house style and logo, they can obviously make them for you.

In addition to designing and building websites, they can also help you develop texts and various SEO activities (Search Engine optimization). A well-designed website must of course be found by the target group. Websites are created for a wide range of industries, including yours! Also have a website make by Bureau Feith? Or curious about the websites they make? Go to And check out the extensive portfolio!